Healthy Search helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Studies show that the average person conducts between 3 and 4 web searches each day.

Healthy Search lists 50 daily habits which serves as a reminder for people while they’re searching the web to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living habits

Quiet Your Mind By Meditating

Drink More Water

Get At Least 20 Minutes Of Cardio In Every Day

Develop A Consistent Exercise Routine

Spend Time Outside Every Day

Get Enough Sleep

Limit Processed Foods

Sit Down And Journal Daily

Stay Connected With People

Practice Yoga

Measure and Watch Your Weight

Make Time To Read Every Day

Limit Unhealthy Foods and Eat Healthy Meals

Take Multivitamin Supplements

Go On A Walk

Drink Water Regularly Throughout the Day and Stay Hydrated

Limit Sugared Beverages

Exercise Regularly and Be Physically Active

Find Ways to Manage Your Emotions

Use an App to Keep Track of Your Movement, Sleep, and Heart Rate

Go to Bed Earlier and Wake Up Earlier

Try Intermittent Fasting

Make Time for Movement

Eat Sitting Down

Stretch Before Bed

Get Out In Nature and Go For a Walk

Pick Up A New Hobby

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Put Your Phone Away

Consume Less Salt and Sugar

Reduce Intake of Harmful Fats

Don’t Smoke

Be Active

Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly

Wash Your Face Every Night

Start a Gratitude Journal

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Eat A Plant-Based Diet Whenever Possible

Do a Social Media Detox Once a Month

Get More Sunlight

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Begin Your Day With Positive Affirmations

Live In The Present

Count Your Calories

Laughing Releases Endorphins. Do it More Often.

Reduce Or Eliminate Alcohol Consumption

Join a Group of Like-Minded Individuals from Whom you Can Learn and Be Inspired

Consciously Let Go of Worry or Regret

Move Your Body For Ten Minutes or Longer First Thing in The Morning

Drink a Glass or Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

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